Lean Coffee Workshops

Information on the Lean Coffee workshops in the 2019 LERC Conference

“Lean Coffee” Workshops

Developed in Seattle, USA in 2009, Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting at which participants gather, build an agenda and begin discussing. See leancoffee.org

Conversations are directed and productive because the democratic nature of the meeting, and because of the innate topic interest and expertise of the participants.

The LERC conference will operate an adapted approach, with each group (containing 8 participants) having a broad key theme to direct the discussion and participants will suggest and discuss topics that fall under each theme. A facilitator will provide guidance and ensure the output is captured effectively.

Conference delegates will be asked to select a particular lean coffee workshop they wish to attend from July.


  1. Design & Innovation
  2. Green & Lean
  3. Implementation
  4. Leadership & Organisation
  5. People
  6. Public Value
  7. Scheduling & Planning
  8. Services & Lean
  9. Supply Chain
  10. Technology & Lean


We also want to generate themes, ideas and topics for the emerging LERC research agenda, so the sessions will be designed with this in mind.

Note that we will be be seeking volunteers from conference delegates to be workshop facilitators – you can click an option when registering.

Lean Coffee Guides

Download a Lean Coffee Facilitator’s Guide >>>

Download a Lean Coffee Participant’s Guide >>>

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