Events 23/05/2019 9:30 am Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

Kata Research Network Group: Scoping Meeting

Meeting Purpose

The purpose of the event is to launch the Kata Research Network Group and scope out the direction potential Kata related research.

Visit the Kata research project page >>>

Who should attend?

  • Kata practitioners and coaches – developed (in-company and external)
  • Kata practitioners and coaches – emerging (enthusiastic to know more, but limited experience)
  • Senior leaders in organisations already using Kata successfully (or considering using Kata and wanting to network with people who are already using)
  • Academics and commentators with an interest in Kata

Note that attendance at this first event implies no ongoing commitment to research and further involvement with the group.

Provisional Agenda

  1. Network Introduction, personal introductions
  2. Aims, membership, modus operandi
  3. What is Kata?
    • Overview
    • Positioning of Kata in relation to lean thinking
    • Creating the conditions for Kata
  4. Kata awareness and use
  5. Kata case studies and experiences
  6. Research planning:
    • Challenges, knowledge gaps
    • Research questions
    • Potential projects
  7. Actions


Executive Education Suite (3rd floor), Postgraduate Teaching Centre, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Cardiff


There is no fee for attending this event.