Events 10/09/2019 Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK

LERC 25th Anniversary Conference

Tuesday, 10th September 2019

“Lean Retrospective: Assessing Lean Thinking Evolution, Current State and Future Challenges”

LERC was formed in 1994, so 2019 is its 25th anniversary. We’re planning to hold a conference and celebratory dinner to mark the occasion and also provide a springboard for collaboration and idea generation for the LERC research agenda.

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Outline Agenda

  • Registration
  • Morning presentations x3 and panel discussion, featuring acclaimed ex LERC staff
  • Afternoon ‘Lean Coffee’ workshops: a modern approach to discuss, debate, brainstorm and generate ideas.
  • Parallel sessions
  • Plenary session including final presentation
  • Evening dinner at the National Museum, Cardiff

“Lean Coffee” Workshops

Developed in Seattle, USA in 2009, “Lean Coffee” is a structured, but agenda-less meeting at which participants gather, build an agenda and begin discussing.

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Parallel Discussion Groups

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Conference Presenters (so far):

Dan Jones, John Bicheno, Dave Brunt, Nick Rich, Nicola Bateman, Pauline Found, Mark Francis, Frank Devine, Daryl Powell, Sarah Lethbridge, Maneesh Kumar, Simon Elias…

Celebration Dinner

A celebration dinner will be held on the evening of the 10th September at the National Museum, Cardiff. This will include a guest speaker.

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Pre-conference Workshop

Muda, Mura & Muri & the Equation of Lean, facilitated by John Bicheno

This interactive workshop will provide a valuable insight into the ’Science of Lean’, especially the lesser-known relationships between Muda, Muri, and Mura. The workshop will shed light on demand management, process variation, arrival variation, and capacity and how often-ignored actions in these areas can be highly cost effective. The workshop has wide implications for both service and manufacturing.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

LCS accredited and LCS/LERC linked organisations can sponsor the conference.

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  • LERC, MSc alumni and LCS community delegates receive a 15% discount
  • Discounts for multiple ticket purchases of two and above – email LERC with details to obtain code
  • Special rate for PhD students – email LERC for details
  • Payment by card or by invoice

Net proceeds from the Conference will be used to fund future LERC research.

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Conference Travel & Accommodation

The travel and accommodation page contains information on air, train and road links, parking, taxis and hotels.

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