News January 1, 2019

Rejuvenated LERC

LERC is being rejuvenated and plans are being developed to create a dynamic lean thinking research network, building on LERC's ethos and past achievements.

Following a period of relative dormancy, LERC is re-emerging and resuming its mission to promote the development and application of lean thinking. 

Collaborating & Networking

  • LERC's main focus is on establishing networks and collaborators interested in researching lean thinking and expanding lean thinking's horizons.
  • Research is informed by the practitioner community, as well as academics and activity focuses on addressing challenges faced by businesses and organisations.


  • LERC's business model will develop over time in response to its evolving strategic direction and market positioning.
  • Broad research themes provide the overall direction and context for research. Specific projects emerge from themes, each with their own sponsors, collaborators and researchers. Research network groups provide the organisational vehicle for collaboration for themes and projects and for delivery of research.
  • The intention is that LERC should become self-funding, with any income surpluses re-invested in research development, delivery and management.

Scope & Responsibility

  • LERC does not deliver education or training programmes, as it has done in the past, whether executive education related or masters programmes. Its focus is on research and communicating and disseminating research outputs.
  • The responsibility for managing LERC falls under Lean Competency Services Ltd, which holds the Cardiff University licence to manage and develop the Lean Competency System.