Lean Manufacturing Networks Supply Chain Transformation

LEARN Network Programme (2)

Building from the success of LEARN 1, LEARN2 was established to bring together sponsors from a diverse range of manufacturing sectors to ‘learn’ about lean manufacturing, by implementing lean systems within their own facilities and using their own employees (guided by LERC mentors and researchers).

Collaborators involved:


Key aims of the LEARN2 network were to:

  • Design and develop the lean production system of each member including the addition of policy deployment and performance measures to support sustainable continuous improvement.
  • Further develop leading edge tools and techniques, based on lean thinking.
  • Mentor and facilitate organisation-led change processes, including the management of the external value chain between the company and its customers and/or suppliers.
  • Provide networking opportunities to share practices and research initiatives.
  • Promote leading edge thinking through a range of media.
  • Act as a vehicle to disseminate the lean philosophy to the business community.

Programme Delivery Approach

The LEARN 2 programme was a three-year research project. Participating companies renewed their membership annually and received a range of benefits including ‘one-to-one’ mentorship, on-site and desk based research, four sponsor workshops held at member or exemplar manufacturing sites, preferential access to LERC resources, publications, reports and LERC educational programmes.

To ensure open sharing and trust, these networks did not contain competitor companies and the outputs of this programme were subject to a moratorium (allowing the sponsor to exploit the research before it enters the public domain).

These programmes have included firms engaged in the manufacture of a wide variety of products from contact lenses to helicopter transmissions. The main benefits of the ‘network’ approach for industrial and service industry sponsors are its cost effectiveness, the internal focus of the research upon improvement and the sharing of  ideas. Our networks allow us to unite businesses with a common interest and they are not limited to lean production or supply chain management.

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