The LERC Conference Dinner

The 25th Anniversary LERC conference dinner will take place at the National Museum, Cardiff.

Dinner Venue

The LERC conference dinner will take place at the iconic National Museum, Cardiff. This is a 10 minute walk from the conference venue and close to the main city centre hotels.



















The Grand Hall will provide a dramatic backdrop for the dinner.

Delegates will be able to enjoy pre-conference drinks in the gallery which hosts one of Europe’s best collections of Impressionist art.

Guest Speaker

We are honoured to have Peter Willats  as the dinner guest speaker, who is recognised as one of the pioneers of the introduction of practices that have come to be known as Lean Management.

Peter’s talk will be entitled:

‘A life of waste but not a wasted life: meaning and motivation in the lean community’

This will focus on a personal reflection of the way that our own personal development in lean is supported by the development of the lean community.

Tickets & Registration

You can purchase a ticket for both the conference and the dinner, or just a ticket for the dinner.

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