Lean Manufacturing Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain Development Programmes

The Supply Chain Development Programmes (SCDP) investigated both the internal value steam and wider supply chain management practices and resulted in improvements to the network members in terms of operational changes and also the development of methodologies drawn from research with other members.

Collaborators involved:
Our first supply chain network (SCDP 1994-97) was a collaborative venture with Professor Lamming of Bath University, and sponsors drawn from the manufacturing and retail sectors including well-known companies such as Tesco Stores, Unipart, Unilever, Bird’s Eye Walls, Britvic, Bass Brewers, Calsonic, Nortel, and IBM.

Project Information

The research topics – selected by the sponsors – included Value Stream Mapping, Assessing the Cost of Quality, Demand Amplification and Promotions Management, Manufacturing and Maintenance Systems Development, Efficient Consumer Response, Lean Production and Supply, Supplier evaluation systems, and Supply Chain Integration using the Supplier Association Approach. In 1996 the network grew to include London Underground, RS Components, Q8 Lubricants and a Health Service Supplies organisation (1996-1998).

The second network increased the scope of the research programme still further. The overall benefits of the programme included the development of a portfolio of tools for mapping key dimensions of performance and to identify waste in a value stream (eg Process Mapping, Responsiveness Matrix, Quality Filter, Demand Amplification Map). the identification of inter-company waste and creation of joint improvement activities on areas with the greatest potential gains to members. In addition, various software applications were written to facilitate and automate the Value Stream Mapping process.

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